“Feeble Job Numbers Show Recovery Starting to Stall” (TIMES, 7/9/11)

The U.S. economy is not recovering. It is stagnant. Past descriptions of the recovery as “jobless” or “anemic” constituted doubletalk.
The official unemployment rate of 9.2% is also misleading. A more accurate count has it at 16.2%, “its highest level since December 2010.”
President Obama can no longer temporize on the issue of job creation. Only a massive effort by the federal government can put significant numbers of people to work. The private sector is not equal to that task.
A majority of the voters favors this kind of effort and the Republicans who realize that might break ranks to save their seats in Congress.
Though the economic downturn began during a Republican administration, the Democrats have been in power for 29 months. They have to make a stronger effort to get the economy moving or they risk a defeat in November 2012.


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