“The Magic Lever” by David Brooks (TIMES, 7/12/11)

A Keynesian remedy to the current economic crisis is not a “magic lever.” At this late stage in addressing the debacle, a massive federal jobs program is the best way to begin reviving the economy. The money pumped into circulation will act like a blood transfusion would to an injured person.
After that is underway, a fair tax program can be implemented that would raise additional revenue. Then, the military budget could be cut by hastening the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Listening to the bleating of this “pious moderate conservative” (e.g., “There are a thousand factors that go into economic growth, and no single one is dispositive”!!!) can only lead to a defeatist attitude. Nothing can be done until the human brain develops further.
Mr Brooks, the remedy to fixing the economy is being held up by a minority of conservative politicians in thrall to the corporate elite.


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