“2nd Killing In a Week Claims Ally Of Karzai” (TIMES, 7/18/11)


When two gunmen can gain entry to the walled home of a “close adviser to President Hamid Karzai” in Kabul, the most secure city in Afghanistan, less than  a week after the assassination of his half brother, we have proof positive of the failure of the U.S. strategy there.


Afghanistan is a quagmire. Nothing is being changed by the so-called “surge.“ It is risking the loss of more U.S. service people and can no longer be financed during this economic downturn.


President Obama should acknowledge that fact and order the implementation of an exit strategy ASAP. Remaining in that pit until the end of 2014 makes no sense whatsoever. A safe withdrawal can be mobilized to have all the troops out by 12/31/11.


Just do it!



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