“Congress In the Lead” by David Brooks (TIMES, 7/26/11)

     How could David Brooks possibly have thought that a “Grand Bargain” could have emerged from the recent “debt crisis” negotiations?  Was this self-styled “moderate conservative” wearing his glasses?  Does he need hearing aids? 

     The more Obama compromised with the recalcitrant Republicans, even at the risk of alienating his Democratic supporters, the more they opposed reaching a settlement.

     Yes, Obama is being defeated by the stubborn Republican opposition to a resolution of the economic crisis, but to see this as an “outbreak of sanity” is perverse.

     The sane thing to do at this point is to acknowledge that the United States is experiencing a depression (not a recession) and implement ASAP a massive federal jobs program.  Putting people back to work will not simply alleviate the misery, it will pump the money into circulation that could jump start a genuine recovery.


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