“U.S. Reports Solid Job Growth, A Bit of Relief Amid Grim Data” by Motoko Rich (TIMES, 8/6/11)

     Who chooses the column headings, the reporters who write the stories or the editors who set up the pages?

     Motoko Rich did not report “solid job growth” and precisely who is feeling “relief amid grim data”?  If “only 58.1 percent of the population is working, the lowest level in nearly three decades, “how can the United States be experiencing a “recovery”?

     It makes little sense to claim that “the unemployment rate slipped a notch…mainly because some people had simply given up looking for work.”

     “All the News That’s Fit to Print” includes accurate reporting.  Doubletalk should be edited out of your columns.  It gets in the way of ending this severe economic downturn (probably a depression) by justifying a delay in implementing the massive federal jobs program that is needed.


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