“8 From GOP Let Sparks Fly At Iowa Debate” (TIMES, 8/12/11)

     What is the strategy of the Republican Party in this early stage of the 2012 election?  Surely the antics of their present eight candidates for president are not being  taken seriously by its leadership?

     With the election over 14 months away, it would seem that all these aspirants for the Oval Office are merely attempting to hold the attention of as many Republican voters as they can at the same time they demonize President Obama.  They are faux candidates who will step aside when the party leaders will reveal the person they want to head the Republican ticket.  If the GOP wins in November 2012, they will be rewarded for their yeoman service in one way or another, but few of the big money backers would support any of the eight for president.  The same holds for super evangelist Rick Perry and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin.

      So, when will the real Republican candidate for president step forward and who will that be?  My guess is David H. Petraeus, another “honorable soldier” willing to enter the free-wheeling fray, someone who will remind Republican voters of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the beloved “Ike” of the McCarthy decade.  Back then he looked alot better than Republican stalwarts like Robert Taft and Thomas Dewey, and his nomination paid off.  That honorable soldier twice bested reasonable Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson.

     Will David Petraeus appear more attractive to a majority of voters in 2012 than moderate Barack Obama? 


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