“Criticism of GOP Is Growing” (TIMES, 8/13/11)

     At the present time, when even some top corporate heads and former Republican government officials have recognized that a balanced budget will not produce a balanced economy, President Obama should strongly advocate the Keynesian measures necessary to end the depression gripping the country.

     The members of Congress should be called back to Washington.  This is no time to be vacationing; there is work to be done.  And the first priority is the implementation of a massive federal jobs program that could repair the country’s sagging infrastructure and, at the same time, quickly put significant numbers of people to work.

     We cannot wait until after the election of November 2012, which is more than 14 months away, for the vote of confidence that President Obama and the Democratic Party leaders are apparently expecting.  In fact, if they continue pursuing their cautious strategy of holding the center, they may lose that election.


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