“Waiting for Mr. Obama” (TIMES, 8/17/11)

     President Obama needs to come up with policies “big enough to get the economy growing again.”  He has to fight for a “comprehensive plan” that includes a massive federal jobs program. “If he loses to obstructionist Republicans, Americans will know who is to blame” and will vote accordingly.

     Now that the editors of the TIMES have pointed that out, they have to print more articles about the actual economic conditions in the country.  For example, are we facing a “double-dip recession” or have we been experiencing a depression since 2007?

     Your newspaper has to make clear how appalling is the condition of the workingclass that is being asked to await the outcome of an election more than 14 months away before real relief will be forthcoming.

     In other words, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”


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