“Cheney Says He Urged Bush to Bomb Syria in ’07” (TIMES, 8/25/11)

     Dick Cheney is a piece of work.  Struggling with heart disease  since his first attack at age thirty-seven, he has survived several seizures, attacks and operations that could have killed an olympic athlete.  It has to be acknowledged: the guy is tough.

     However, the notion that he was “something of an outlier” does not ring true.  Cheney was rarely “away from the main body” (Webster’s Dictionary definition); rather, he seemed to function as the major adviser to the callow youth of a president.  Didn’t he brief Bush every week during both their terms in office?  Has any other U.S. president been so served by his vice-president?

     Shadow  President would be a better description of Cheney than “outlier.”  He was very much in on all the major decisions of the 2001-2009 presidency.


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