“Obama, Tiger, Golf And Politics” by Thomas L. Friedman (TIMES, 8/24/11)

     Friedman hit the nail on the head by noting the craziness in the United States today: “We’re having an economic crisis and the politicians are having an election.”  How true that is !

     The  Democratic Party resembles a football team that won’t throw a pass (might be intercepted) or try an end run (might fumble), so depends on their punting unit to get them closer to the  goal line (maybe the Republicans will fumble).

     In November 2008, we elected a  Democratic administration into office until noon January 20, 2013.  We said nothing about a second term, so expected the new government to be at the job of governing.  Instead, we are being hustled to keep this administration in power until noon January 20, 2017.

     President Obama has to pay attention to the agenda he needs to rule well and forget about the popularity polls that he thinks will get him re-elected.  He has approximately 17 months left, which is a long time to be doing too little to end this depression we are experiencing.


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