“Obama Rejects Obamaism” by David Brooks (TIMES, 9/20/11)

     David Brooks claims that he is “an Obama sap,” then proceeds to build a strawman president in an attempt to support his assertion.  It is journalism at its worst, completely  misrepresenting  Obama’s position as it does.

     When Brooks claims that “Republicans respect Americans enough to tell us what they really think,” he is being adroit.  Even a “moderate conservative sap” like Brooks knows that the GOP’s servitude to the richest of the rich is not something they tell to the rest of us.  If the Republicans ever told the people what they really think, there would be demands for a full-scale investigation.

     At least as demonstrated in his columns in this newspaper, Brooks has never been an “Obama sap” but rather another variety of rulingclass lackey, one who tries to hide his reactionary viewpoint behind his favorite label of “moderate conservative.”  By repeating this false identification enough, he thinks that people will believe him.


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