“A Brutal Afghan Clan Bedevils the U.S.” (TIMES, 9/25/11)

     Alas, another report about the quagmire in Afghanistan which reveals the utter hopelessness of the U.S. cause in that part of the world!

     What has been accomplished there?  The latest reports of U.S. fatalities list 4467 service members killed in Iraq and 1765 in Afghanistan, according to recent issues of the TIMES.

     The U.S. armed forces in the former are slated to be  evacuated by 12/31/11 but Afghanistan will still be occupied until 2014.  Does that mean the U.S. will be allied to the “Haqqani Crime Empire” for another three years?

     Will the cost in dollars move the American supporters of these wars to relent sooner than the cost in casualties did?   Surely, all those Republicans worried about the U.S. debt crisis will want to stop bribing thugs like the Haqqanis?


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