“State of the Republican Field” (TIMES, 9/24/11)

     The more exposure of the Republican candidates for president we get, the clearer it becomes that none of them will receive the backing of the GOP fat cats.  These people are Hamiltonians who believe that what is good for the wealthy is good for the country, so they can seem heartless about the needs of this country’s lower classes.

     However, they are not stupid and they do not part with their money easily, no matter how rich they are.  Moreover, they must know by now how bad this GOP slate of candidates is and are undoubtedly scratching around for a better choice, someone who can effectively challenge Barack Obama in 2012.

     These faux candidates before the public view now are mainly keeping the Republican base engaged in the electoral process and bad-mouthing the President as often as they can, while the real candidate is waiting in the wings.

     Who will Mr. Right be?

     He will be a man of stature with a good deal of experience in a leadership role, a top business executive, or someone who has served in government in some capacity or an honorable soldier like Dwight D. Eisenhower.

     Could the GOP leaders be considering David H. Petraeus?


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