“No Jobs Bill, No Ideas” (TIMES, 10/13/11)

     As much as I despise the Republican Party, it is difficult to believe that its wealthy supporters will continue “selling an empty vessel.”  Nor do I believe the GOP is “content to run out the clock on Mr. Obama’s term while doing very little.”

     Too many Americans are already upset by the current economic downturn to allow the Republican obstructionists to proceed with their do-nothing strategy until Election Day 2012.  That is too long a time to maintain the stubborn stand they are taking, especially as the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations spread throughout the country.

     But before the GOP can come up with some ideas, it needs a genuine presidential candidate to articulate them.  Right now, that is lacking.  Therefore, it is hard to believe that the fat cats will put their money on the best candidate (Romney?) from the motley crew being paraded before the public now.

     Do the Republicans have a more credible candidate waiting in the wings?


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