“Preparing for a Way Out of Afghanistan” by C>J> Chivers (TIMES, 10/14/11)

     Kudos for this straight-forward account of a “remote outpost” that Chivers saw as a “microcosm” of the “exit plan” from the quagmire that is the war in Afghanistan.  Whatever the intention of the piece, it clearly reveals the  hopelessness of the situation there.

     As one noncommissioned officer close to the Afghan soldiers who will take over when the U.S. finally withdraws its forces reported: “I don’t think they’ll make it through the first winter.”

     This sober prognosis from an experienced American soldier on the scene probably won’t influence some senior officer sitting behind a desk far from the actual fighting, especially if he has his eye on a good position after retirement with some defense industry.

     But, we the people should take note of it and press our government to re-think the exit strategy.  Why, for example, should it be dragged out to the year 2014?  With a good withdrawal plan, the U.S. could be out of this hell hole by 6/30/12 (the end of the fiscal year) and save a lot of American lives.


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