“As Cain Promotes His Management Skills, Ex-Aides Tell of Campaign in Chaos” (TIMES, 10/27/11)

     Herman Cain is not running for president.  This pretend candidacy is simply a way pf making him an instant celebrity, which will increase the sale of his book, “This Is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House.”

     Norman Mailer talked about the importance of fame in the sale of books in “Advertisements For Myself” (published in 1960).  He pointed to Ernest Hemingway as one who benefitted from such a tactic and, of course, Mailer did the same thing to popularize his works from that time on.

     Since I have not seen any report on how well Cain’s book is doing, I don’t know if it will be a bestseller or not.  However, it is clear that his book tours are much more important to him than his campaigning.  Herman Cain sounds like a cynical black man cut from the same mold as Clarence Thomas.

     How comical that this faux candidate is leading the pack of Republican pipsqueaks vying for the nomination! 


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