“Experts Say Bleak Portrait of Poverty Missed the Mark” (TIMES, 11/4/11)

     Yes, we can disagree on what constitutes poverty and, yes again, there are government programs (like food stamps) that can mitigate its effects, but we still have the problem of unemployment and underemployment, which can be dealt with immediately if Congress was not being shut down by the obstructionist Republicans.

     Now the “experts” (!?) are claiming that poverty is not as bad as many of us think, despite “surging” and “soaring” unemployment.  Apparently, the Census Bureau will present a report on November 7, 2011 (the anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution!) clarifying (!) the issue.

     Meanwhile, the real unemployment figure remains at 16% and nothing is being done to lower it.  Moreover, the Republicans and even some Democrats want to do away with those programs that alleviate the effects of unemployment, which will surely increase the misery.

     Not to worry, Mr. and Mrs. America; poverty is not as bad as the experts thought it was!


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