“The Wrong Inequality” by David Brooks (TIMES, 11/1/11)

     Dividing the economic inequality in the United States into “blue” and “red” throws sand in our eyes and pits the workingclass against itself.  A massive federal jobs program that would put millions of people to work coupled to limitations on the obscene profits accruing to the top one percent of the population should be the  immediate goals of the Obama administration.

     It is no wonder that David Brooks calls himself a “moderate conservative.”  He needs to sugarcoat the bitter pill he is thrusting at the workingclass, who should be furious at the one percent for its corruption of the economy and its undermining of democracy.

     It is time to recognize the class struggle that is taking place in the country and roll up our sleeves for the fight.  The one percent started it; maybe the rest of us (united together) can bring it to a worthwhile conclusion.


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