“Obama and Asian Leaders Confront China” by Jackie Calmes (TIMES, 11/20/11)

     Is President Obama fishing in the troubled waters of the energy-rich South China Sea?

     He denies being a “claimant” in the “dispute” (concerning the exploitation of oil and gas resources there?) but, nonetheless, justifies asserting American interest because the United States is a “resident Pacific power…a maritime nation…a trading nation and…a guarantor of security in the  Asia Pacific region.”  And this is being backed up by stationing 2500 Marines in Darwin, Australia, closeby the area in question.

     Does Jackie Calmes think Wen Jiabao could make the same claim in the Gulf of Mexico and station a unit of Chinese troops in some city in northern Venezuela?

     Even as the U.S. is struggling to extricate itself from the quagmire in  Afghanistan, plans are being made to get involved in another troubled spot on the planet.  The New World Order has to be maintained, whether we have a Republican or a Democrat in the White House!


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