“Obama Says U.S. To Base Marines Inside Australia” (TIMES, 11/17/11)

     Where there is oil and gas there is interest from the proponents of the New World Order!

     Sending the Marines to Australia will  “strengthen the security of both” the United States and Australia “and the region,” claims President Obama.  What security is so urgent in this region so far from U.S. territory?

     If memory serves, I recall long ago debates about whether those islands in the South China Sea belonged to China, Vietnam or the Philippines.  That makes me think the U.S. is more concerned about the energy resources there than it is about China’s “assertiveness.”  Face it, it is oil again!

     Therefore, if China controls those islands, U.S. oil companies will lose out, but they may have a better chance if they are controlled by the Philippines, a loyal American ally in the region.

     What is the real reason Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta (another Rumsfeld?) is stationing 2500 Marines at Darwin?  Is he laying the ground work for a more substantial deployment of U.S. military personnel?”


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