“Team Obama Gears Up for 2012” (TIMES, 11/27/11)

     Is the Democratic Party re-election team certain that the hapless Mitt Romney will be the GOP choice for president?  It does not look that way to me; nor do the other seven candidates have much appeal with the Republican voters.

     If that is the case,   it  does not seem like “Team Obama” can “gear up for 2012” thinking Romney is the one they have to beat.  These eight candidates are engaged in a charade meant to hold the attention of Republicans and to bash President Obama.

     After these eight underlings thoroughly besmirch him, the party leaders will present their actual candidate, who will appear with no mud on his hands.  Mister Clean will be somebody all Republicans will recognize and be inclined to support before he opens his mouth.  He will be a knight of the New World Order, someone the Tea Party bumpkins will not oppose because his previous service to the country was as an honorable soldier.

     Is the white knight waiting in the wings David H. Petraeus?  Will he rescue the Grand Old Party in 2012 the way Dwight D. Eisenhower did sixty years ago?


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