“What Happened on the Border?” (TIMES, 11/29/11)

     To  answer the question posed by this editorial: we will probably never know.

     What seems clear now is that 24  (or 28?) Pakistani soldiers were killed by an American air strike, an occurrence that will increase the distrust between the United States and Pakistan and compromise the “victory” over the Taliban.

     Incidents like this one confirm the opinion of the pessimists that a real victory can be attained in Afghanistan, especially in light of the peculiar relationship the U.S. has with Pakistan (an enemy one day, an ally the next).  This war that our leaders are stubbornly fighting can only be justified by a Doctor Strangelove  (Would that be Defense Secretary Leon Panetta?).

     1827 American service members have already died in this quagmire created by a Panetta predecessor.  How many more will die before we finally withdraw in 2014?  And Strangelove wants U.S. troops stationed there beyond this withdrawal date!

     A good general knows when and how to conduct a good retreat.  Why wait until 2014 to evacuate this quagmire?  It would be difficult to accomplish in an election year but surely by early 2013 a safe exit strategy could be implemented.


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