“In a Ceremony for Troops in Iraq, Biden Says the Tide of Conflict Is Receding” (TIMES, 12/2/11)

     If Iraq now has “well-trained security forces, capable of guarding its borders and putting down continuing insurgency,” it certainly does not require keeping U.S. troops in the country allegedly for training purposes.  No less a figure than the American vice-president has “insisted” on this point, despite the claims of Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta that Iraq will need a U.S. “training force” there after December 31, 2011.

     Fortunately, it does appear that President Obama, the commander-in-chief of the U.S. armed forces, is on the same page as his vice-president, not with the defense secretary.  This would seem to mean U.S. troops will not be kept in Iraq after the withdrawal deadline expires.

     4486 U.S. service members have died in this “unnecessary war” (so implied by the President early in 2009); therefore, it behooves the U.S. not to find some weak excuse to keep anymore of our troops in Iraq.  The Iraqis are capable of training their own forces.  No American units are required.


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