“The Gingrich Tragedy” by David Brooks (TIMES, 12/9/11)

     That Newt Gingrich “comes closest” to David Brooks’ “world view” is a truly startling revelation from this “moderate conservative” columnist!

     Of course, to a leftist like me, the “godfather of gridlock” (TIMES, 12/8/11) is an anti-proletarian dirt bag who has the morality of a clam, so I have to be aware of my predilections.

     Nevertheless, I have to ask Brooks if he has heard about Gingrich’s child janitors idea.  Does he really think such an obviously racist “soluation” will “increase growth,dynamism and social mobility”?  To me it sounds like something Ebenezer Scrooge would have advocated!

     The impression I have of the ghetto and barrio inhabitants who Gingrich obviously despises is that the majority of them work all the time, often for more than one employer, but they are not paid well.

     One of these days Brooks needs to tell his readers why he identifies himself as a “moderate” conservative.

     Newt Gingrich?  Yuk!


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