“Clash on Regional Control Spurs Iraq’s Sectarian Rift” (TIMES, 12/24/11)

     Is anybody surprised that Iraq is coming apart at the seams now that U.S. troops have been withdrawn?  It was a country hastily spliced together by outside forces in the wake of World War I.

     The same will no doubt happen in Afghanistan when U.S. troops leave that sorry country at the end of 2014, but that should not be an excuse to keep them there beyond the withdrawal deadline.

     On the contrary, it is justification for an earlier pullout.  Already, 1839 American service members have perished in that quagmire.  How much higher will that figure be by 12/31/14?

     British imperialists could not bring order to Afghanistan, neither could Soviet hegemonists.  Why delude ourselves that the U.S.-led New World Order will be anymore successful?

     We either learn from history or are condemned to repeat it!


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