“PAC Ads Rip at Gingrich As Romney Stands Clear” (TIMES, 12/31/11)

     In their hard-fought campaign to stop Barack Obama from winning a second term as president of the United States, reactionary forces in this country are threatening to create a bourgeois dictatorship (i.e., a government controlled by the owners of the means of production, the big banks and the insurance companies).

     Two manifestations of this development are the reactionary Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case, which makes it possible for millions of dollars from unknown sources to be spent for a political program solely concerned with the interests of this country’s wealthiest people , and the new laws being passed by Republican administrations on the state level which effectively disfranchise progressive voters.

     American democracy, already frayed by rightwing assaults in the post-World War II era, but especially since the administration of Ronald Reagan, is being severely undermined.  Such a weakening of the democratic process furthers the possibility of erecting a dictatorship committed to keeping tight control of the masses; i.e., the one percent holding the ninety-nine percent at bay.


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