“PAC Ads to Hit Romney’s Role At Equity Firm” (TIMES, 1/9/12)

     If the flip-flopping Mitt Romney is exposed as “a predatory capitalist who destroyed jobs and communities,” does he have any chance of winning the nomination to be the Republican Party’s candidate for president?

     Another lackluster finish in the voting that sees him garnering only 25% of the votes will not improve his chances and none of the other GOP candidates seems likely to get the support of a significant number of Republicans.

     At this point in the electoral contest, the Grand Old Party seems without a viable candidate to effectively challenge a sitting president and Obama will get a second term.

     Will the GOP leaders allow that to happen or will they disregard the primary process this time around and recognize that their followers are essentially voting “none of the above”?

     Therefore, the GOP powers that be will have to choose their presidential candidate sometime soon or concede the election to the Democrats.  Can they find another “Ronald Reagan” or “Dwight Eisenhower” to fill the bill?


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