“An Inflammatory Video Multiplies American Difficulties in Afghanistan” (TIMES, 1/13/12)

     Time has run out for “expressions of outrage” at the “American Marines urinating on dead insurgents in Afghanistan,” which could be viewed as a mutinous act by these undisciplined troops.

     Rather than outraged U.S. officials like Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta lamenting this “inhuman” act by these wayward Marines, President Obama should call for a special meeting to address the continuation of the war in Afghanistan.

     The sad fact is the USA is getting nowhere in bringing this senseless conflict to an end.  It is time to pull the plug by implementing an exit strategy that could see the withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces out of this quagmire inherited from the Bush-Cheney administration by 7/31/12.


     Whether the Democrats jeopardize their chances of winning the election in November is no longer a consideration.  The stinking corpse of this war has to be buried.  There is really no other choice.

     In all probability, this acknowledgment of reality will not cost Obama the election because a majority of the American people already want out of the quagmire.

     Take the chance, Mr. President; put the welfare of this country before your desire to remain in office for another four years!  Be a statesman; not a politician!


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