“Where Are The Liberals?” by David Brooks (TIMES, 1/10/12)

     Many  liberals, perhaps the majority, hide behind labels like “moderate” or “centrist” because they have been frightened by the nationalists, who generally disguise themselves as “patriots.”

     These sanitized nationalists love their country (often claiming that God loves it too!), therefore to differ with them is tantamount to treason, which is grounds for expulsion from the community.

     Doesn’t Brooks remember the favorite slogan of the nationalists: “Love it or leave it”?  And loving “it” means loving unreservedly the capitalist system, which is the true “America” (as in “America, the Beautiful”).

     Hell, the nationalists don’t even like referring to this country as the “United States.”  For these patriots, it is “America,” never mind that that could include the entire western hemisphere!

     Finally, nationalists have always been committed to the maintenance of a strong central government supportive of unfettered capitalism.  A federal government that advocates the creation of an even playing field that would erode the profits of the one percent of the population is what the nationalists oppose.


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