“The Fraud of the Tea Party” by Timothy Egan (TIMES, 1/16/12)

     No, the Tea Party is not “a media creation,” though Fox News plays a major role in enabling it to reach a wide audience of Americans.

     The TeaParty is an organization of non- violent political cadre guided by a Republican leadership beholden to a plutocracy.   These cadre provide a nexus to a broader U.S. population than the plutocracy could approach effectively on its own.

     If these  fraudulent populists step out of line (e.g., if they oppose the presidential candidate the plutocrats want), they will lose their access to Fox News and eventually disappear from view.

     The trick for the GOP leadership, therefore, is to hold onto these faux populists for as long as they can, especially if their candidate is a “vulture  capitalist” the Tea Partyers don’t like.

     A. Garavente


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