“What They Don’t Want to Talk About” (TIMES, 1/15/12)

     Kudos to the main TIMES editorial that Romney’s “suggestion that it is un-American to talk about rising populist resentment is self-serving and hypocritical,” especially coming from a candidate who is reluctant to show his income tax returns and after what he did at Bain Equity to make his millions.

     And how long can this hypocrisy be hidden even from his stalwart GOP supporters?  Fellow Republican, Rick Perry, has already labelled Romney a “vulture capitalist.”  Will the fat cats in the party of Lincoln continue to back an operator like this entrepreneurial creep?

     Maybe the picture will be clearer after the results of the South Carolina primary are known.  My guess is the big money players will finally give up on the primary process in finding their presidential candidate and locate someone less odious from their talent pool.  Such a candidate will probably be a traditional Republican who their pseudo-populists cannot oppose.

           A. Garavente


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