“Flood the Zone” by David Brooks (TIMES, 2/7/12)

          Once again, self-proclaimed “moderate conservative” David Brooks uses immoderate language to state his case. Arguing that “we will never fully understand what causes” poverty, he fulminates: “There are a million factors that contribute to poverty, and they interact in a zillion ways.” (Emphasis added) What nonsense!

          Even the most radical lefty who believes in the possibility of establishing a socialist paradise would acknowledge that some people would remain poor. But whether the method to end poverty is gradual social reform or a sudden revolutionary upheaval, it can be ended.

          With a more rational human-centered approach to this problem, which will of course threaten the capitalist system, poverty can at least be alleviated. Then, in the future, when human thinking has reached the level of development this “brain scientist” thinks necessary for our salvation, even a zillion problems can be solved.


          A. Garavente


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