“The Materialist Fallacy” by David Brooks (TIMES, 2/14/12)

          David Brooks often sounds like the dumbest writer on the TIMES’ staff and sometimes his fulminations are not “fit to print.”

          He claims that economic determinists “stopped thinking in 1975.” Question: when did David Brooks start thinking? Can he really justify his extremely pessimistic views of the American people and U.S. society?

          If manufacturing jobs came back to the American economy, by whatever means, any shortage of an adequate work force could quickly be replenished (as happened in the industrial sector during World War II).

          Of course, some of the people applying for jobs would be turned down because they lack the skills to perform them. However, the majority of the current pool of unemployed and underemployed workers would be competent enough to be hired. 

          David Brooks is hobbled by his static viewpoint, therefore he has little confidence on the possibility of change. Those of us who see people continually involved in changes of some kind, tend to be more optimistic about the rectification of out problems.

A. Garavente


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