“War’s Risks Shift To Contractors by Rod Nordland (TIMES, 2/12/12)”

          At last, the TIMES has given its readers something of a report about the mercenaries who are still being utilized in Iraq and Afghanistan, even including some information of the casualties.

          More has to be done; we cannot allow so much secrecy to enshroud their mission, Soldiers for hire, whether the Hessians who were utilized by the British during our Revolutionary War or the contract workers employed by various departments of the U.S. government today, are not sympathetic figures. Moreover, the American mercenaries  at least are paid high salaries, more than they could make in most jobs available at home, thus increasing the costs of wars.

          Relying so heavily on the use of such mercenaries, who have less of a connection with the American people than our regular armed forces do, makes it easier for government bureaucrats to evade accounting for them in any way. This undermines the democratic relationship between the one and thoe other, which constitutes another reason to curtail unpopular wars like these. 


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