“Officials In U>S> Debate Speeding Afghan Pullout” (TIMES, 3/13/12)

     And I thought the “officials” had already moved up the pullout date to 6/30/13!  Guilty of wishful thinking, I guess.  Yet, it is still hard to believe that the bulk of the 90,000 U.S. troops will remain in Afghanistan until 12/31/14.

     If the main fighting season in Afghanistan is from spring to fall, why can’t the troops be withdrawn by the end of this year?  Surely, after all the talk about withdrawing from that quagmire, the commanders of our troops can make a safe withdrawal in nine and a half months?

     It being an election year should not be an excuse for delay; the government has to stay open for business.  Obama is the commander-in-chief now, so he cannot shut down his office in order to campaign for a second term.

     Moreover, he has to be careful that the opinions of his “commanders” not be given more weight than those of his civilian advisers.  Though the U.S. is a long way from being governed by the military, as Japan was from 1931 to 1945, too many senior officers are moving into governing positions.

     A. Garavente


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