“General Says Next Decision on Afghan Withdrawal Must Wait” (TIMES, 3/21/12)

     Why must we wait; what’s going to happen between now and the end of this year?

     General John R. Allen claims that Afghan security forces are “growing stronger, having reached 330,000.”  However, a recent report in the TIMES (3/16/12) revealed that only one battalion of 158 “has been rated as able to fight independently.”  General Allen seems to be emphasizing quantity over quality.

     Why is is so difficult to bring the Afghan National Army up to combat readiness?  More to the point, precisely how many of these 158 battalions will pass muster by 12/31/14?

      I can only repeat Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones’ plea at a recent hearing of the House Armed Services Committee: “Why are we still there?”

      A> Garavente


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