“As Part of Pact, U.S. Marines Arrive in Australia, in China’s Strategic Backyard” (TIMES, 4/5/12)

     Excuse me, mate, I thought the Australians spoke    English.  So, what is all this gibberish from Defense Minister Stephen Smith: “the world is moving into our part of the world, the world is moving to the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean”?

     Centuries before Australia was recognized as a sovereign country an array of Asian peoples considered the Pacific and Indian oceans as parts of their world.  In the first decades of the 15th century, Chinese Admiral Zheng He, a Muslim, sailed  fleets of ships from southeastern China to various parts of  Asia, even reaching Mecca and the east coast of Africa.

     In allowing the United States to establish a base at Darwin, aren’t the Australian leaders toadying to the New World Order?  We put ourselves in harm’s way and then cry aggression when we are attacked or when one of our drones is shot down.  And then the scoundrels and cowards in Congress send young Americans who were not able to enroll in college  or find a decent job to fight  (and die) in faraway places.

     It’s a bloody damn crime, mate; that’s what it is!

     A. Garavente


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