RE: “Is Our Adults Learning?” by David Brooks (TIMES, 4/27/12)

     Is David Brooks learning?  Doesn’t seem like he is or ever will; just more of the hopelessness he has been publishing for years.  Since nothing seems to work, he laments, we should continue running tests.  Never mind that millions of people are in desperate straits!

     And, contrary to his claim, the New Deal was working quite well from 1933 to the election of 1936, which was why FDR won a landslide victory then.  Unemployment had been declining steadily but still had a long way to go because the economy was so bad when he took office.

     Unfortunately, FDR got cold feet and worried about the budget that Keynesian economics tolerated, so he listened to the conservative democrats and “cut the budget.”  That caused an interruption in the recovery and the United States had a “recession” to contend with.

     By the time the democrats realized their mistake, World War II was becoming a certainty.  The New Deal could be traded in for a war economy and, of course, conservatives were willing to support government spending for the military.  They had the models of Italian Fascism, Japanese militarism and German Nazism before them.

     David Brooks is an intellectual saboteur.  He claims that nothing works and it won’t until the human brain improves, though he is not sure how soon that will happen.

     Well, from a pundit who thinks there are a million causes of poverty (TIMES, 2/7/12), what else can we expect?

     A. Garavente 


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