RE: “The Creative Monopoly” by David Brooks (TIMES, 4/24/12)

     Moderate conservative and resident brain scientist David Brooks is at it again, this time in praise of “creative monopoly” (which is different, he assures us, from the “illegal eliminate-your-rivals kind”).

     Creative people might not “follow the crowds” but they often have contempt for everybody else and no concern for the common good.  What fuels their “creativity” is a desire to advance themselves in society or to get rich quick.  For example, a monopoly like Big Pharma keeps the price of medicine high, which makes it harder for poor people to cure their illnesses.

     And on the question of politics: some candidates “enter politics wanting to be authentic and to change things” but many are hired by creative monopolists and conduct themselves accordingly.  How much money has to be spent on political campaigns to enlighten this moderate conservative as to what goes down during our frequent elections?

     A. Garavente


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