RE: “Intrigue in Karzai Family As an Afghan Era Closes” (TIMES, 6/4/12)

     This story should have been titled “Pigs at a Trough” or “Rumsfeld’s Quagmire Becomes a Cesspool.”

     Where have those Republicans been who are so worried about the U.S. debt and government spending?  Hasn’t Paul Ryan noticed what has been going on in Afghanistan?  When will the entire Karzai family move to the United States and use their millions of dollars of stolen money to support the New World Order that makes this thievery possible?  And, most importantly, how many more American service members will die in that cesspool?

     Shame on Mitt Romney who favors an aggressive foreign policy that creates greedy running dogs of imperialism like the Karzai family!

     A. Garavente


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