RE: “Panetta Outlines New Weaponry for Pacific” (TIMES, 6/2/12)

     Secretary of Defense McNamara asked forgiveness for his role in the Vietnam War, Weinberger was called a salesman for the defense industry by a fellow cabinet member and Rumsfeld acted like a Roman proconsul when he held that important post.

     Now, Leon Panetta wants a greater American presence in the Pacific region,including the posting of U.S. Marines to Darwin, Australia, in order to protect American “interests” (ready energy resources) in the South China Sea.  Fortunately, there have been no casualties yet; but, it has to be asked, how much is this costing us?

     Surely, Secretary Panetta knows how conservatives frown on government spending?  Why, Paul Ryan will have a fit when he finds out!

     A. Garavente


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