RE “When Cruelty Is Cute” by Maureen Dowd (TIMES, 8/15/12)

Right on to Maureen Dowd for exposing the Ebenezer Scrooge in Paul Ryan!

She has shined a light on the reactionary thinking of modern Republicans who want a society of obedient “followers” (See David Brooks, TIMES, 6/12/12).

The conservatives in this year’s presidential election are the Democrats.  Getting much useful legislation out of them will be a problem, what with the Blue Dogs having so much influence.

The reactionary Republicans might bring back the powdered wig, to be worn by members of Congress and the Supreme Court.  Of course, the opportunistic Ryan would no doubt get one that doesn’t hide his cute widow’s peak.

I wonder when Americans will have to genuflect to their elected officials?

A. Garavente


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