RE: “Afghans Protest Vengeful Militias” (TIMES, 9/3/12)

The situation in Afghanistan is hopeless because it is virtually impossible for the American forces to  distinguish friend from foe there.  They are wallowing in a quagmire created under the direction of Donald H. Rumsfeld when he was the secretary of defense.

Moreover, it will not be much improved by December 31, 2014, the date that all Americans are supposed to be out of Afghanistan.

If Obama is re-elected in November (still a long two months away!), that withdrawal date should be changed to June 30, 2013.  Eight months is enough time to make a safe withdrawal.  It will mean the saving of many American lives and a great deal of money too.

If the conservative hawks in Washington cannot be moved by the former, surely they would be  by the latter.  Aren’t they the ones who want to cut the budget deficit?

A. Garavente


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