Two Campaigns Skirt Talk of Tough Choices in Afghanistan (TIMES, 10/22/12)

Of course, what else can we expect in a presidential election year from an irresponsible Republican Party that continually waves the American flag in foreign policy matters and a Democratic Party trying to run a war begun by a shadow presidency?

QUAGMIRE is what we have and we cannot wiggle out of it, not in December 2014 and not in any reasonable time thereafter.  The American leaders, like the Soviets and British before them, are getting their fingers burned playing with fire.

Soon after Obama is elected for a second term, he should appoint a new secretary of defense, change the withdrawal date to 6/30/13 and acknowledge that Afghanistan can only be saved by some kind of genuine collective effort by the United Nations or by a coalition of Middle Eastern states.

Singing “God Bless America” is not going to solve this castrophe.

A. Garavente


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