A Sensible Foreign Policy

Doing business with or keeping track of the Department of Defense is rarely good news, but the word is out that Leon Panetta is stepping down. He will be replaced by Senator John Kerry (D/MA), which is probably an omen of significant change.

What has to be done in quick order is: move back the evacuation of Afghanistan from 12/31/14 to 6/30/13 and immediately  pull out that newly posted Marine detachment from Darwin, Australia.

Afghanistan is a hopeless cause so having our troops out of there 18 months sooner will save American lives and a lot of money as well. Rumsfeld’s quagmire is costing one (or is it two?) billion dollars a month.

What earthly good will come from posting U.S. marines to Australia? Now, before there are any casualties, is the best time to do it.

Forget the New World Order and to hell with the interests of Big Oil! Aim instead for a rational foreign policy.

A. Garavente


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