“Obama the Dealmaker” by David Brooks (Times, 11/13/12)

          It is despicable how David Brooks the so-called “moderate” conservative, can distort the truth. After the shameless obstructionism of the House Republicans (motivated by the desire to make Obama a one-term president), how can this faux moderate claim that the Democrats would be “irresponsible” in confronting them?

          It is not necessary to conquer the Republicans (as Brooks claims the Democrats want to do) but it is necessary to expose the GOP for what it is: the party of one percent.  A majority of the voters saw the Republicans that way and that is why further confrontation might ultimately win out. If there are decent Republicans, as Brooks suggests, the best way to find them is by confrontation; then many of their more reasonable supporters will demand change.

The conservative leaders of the Democratic Party have kissed too many Blue Dog asses. Horsetrading with a party that only brings swaybacked nags to the corral is a waste of time.

Is Brooks really blind to that fact?


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