“The Progressive Shift” by David Brooks (TIMES, 3/19/13)

“Moderate Conservative” David Brooks is at it again, claiming that “the entire Democratic governing” (body?) thinks a welfare state can be paid for “”by taxing the top 2 percent” of the population.
That is a falsification of the progressive position. We think the top 2 percent should be paying more taxes. We don’t think everybody else should be exempted from doing so, as Brooks is implying.
We also think the government is a major source of employment and there is plenty of work that needs doing. However, conservatives like Brooks continue to claim that private enterprises can spur the economy, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Many entrepreneurs have the cash for investment but are sitting on it.
Right now, the United States requires a massive federal jobs program. It would lower unemployment, be a source of taxes and the customers our economy so desperately needs.

A. Garavente


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