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A Modest Proposal

July 11, 2013

         If the United States needs a strike force at the ready for an intervention in Syria, then the drawdown in Afghanistan has to be concluded by December 31st of THIS YEAR.

     The U.S cannot fight two wars at the same time. Bringing the troops home from Afghanistan  by 12/31/13 will save a lot of American lives and billions of dollars as well.

     President Obama, it is time to stop being a politician and start acting like a statesman! The American people voted for you twice. That is enough of a mandate for you to function with more resolution.

     A majority of the American people want to end the war in Afghanistan! 

A. Garavente


“Many Rival Nations Surge Past the U.S. in Adding Jobs” (TIMES, 6/8/13)

July 11, 2013

     The pundits are assuring us that the economic “recovery” is tepid (i.e., lukewarm), which is better than anemic (i.e.,bloodless), I guess.

          Given that good news (!), when is our Socialist president going to push for the massive federal jobs program that is needed?

 A. Garavente

“With Bags Of Cash, CIA Seeks Influence in Afghanistan” (TIMES, 4/29/13)

July 11, 2013

     Has anybody told the leaders of the Republican Party about this situation? Surely they would put a stop to this wasteful spending of government funds.

     I don’t have his address handy, but certainly Congressman Paul Ryan, the ace economist of the GOP, would stamp his foot at this excessive government spending. We all know how he frets over the budget deficit.

     Meanwhile, the federal minimum wage remains at $7.25 an hour. Plenty of money for corrupt Afghani warlords to build their “dream houses,” but chump change for American workers!

Why can’t we withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of the year?

A. Garavente