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“Hocus Pocus” by Anthony Garavente (Shoumende)

July 15, 2014

Harold Meyerson’s dictim (THE AMERICAN PROSPECT, Jul/Aug 2014) that “the Democrats’ ability to improve the economic lives of most Americans has been their primary calling card to the nation’s voters ever since FDR became president” is a simplification of the actual situation. The New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt came to an end when the USA got involved in World War II.
Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson can be called liberals (at least about domestic issues), but that cannot be said of John. F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton. They were cold warriors who moved the Democratic Party to the right. They are attractive mostly when compared to the Republicans.
Therefore, objectively speaking, we have a conservative party (the Democrats) and a reactionary one (the Republicans); neither of which is friendly to the workingclass. Indeed, the latter can be hidden from view, like the poor relatives who eat in the kitchen, and can be made to work for low wages and to accept hazardous working conditions. So bad is the condition of the workers that they are disguised as “ordinary people’ or “everyday people,” even by the pundits on MSNBC.
The French and Italians have a…(gasp)…proletariat, but here in the good old USA, we are all middleclass. Hell, that is why Americans are “exceptional”; is it not? Two or three percent plutocrat and all the rest in the vast middle (though, many of the latter are regularly eating macaroni and cheese)–a veritable utopia! And another thing: if the Democrats get a solid majority in Congress in November, how many of their “moderates” will then line up with the Blue Dogs?
Listen up, ye of little faith! Only when we American votes put a progressive party in the political arena will the workers get justice. That is when we might see a New Deal again.


Birthday Greetings to the USA

July 1, 2014

     Best wishes to all Americans on the 238th birthday (7/4/14) of the United States of America (USA), land of the free and home of the brave!

     America, it is usually called nowadays, not the United States; though so much of “America” is not actually part of our country. In the vast Western Hemisphere there are three Americas, North, South and Central, with many different inhabitants. So, when we Americans call the USA “America,” are we being presumptuous?

     The USA is one of the oldest democracies in the world, having come into being in the late 18th century. Recently, though, changes have been made in the political situation (e.g.fifteen of the fifty states have made it harder to vote and the Civil Right Act has been repealed).

     Somehow, over the years, an aristocracy has emerged in our midst. Though it does not have titles or coats-of-arms, it does have great influence. Often these remnants of feudalism are above the law. Many Americans feel compelled to defer to them.

     Elections can actually be purchased, making it possible for the giant corporations (considered “people” by some of our politicians) to have things their way. That can mean no more safety regulations in our factories and offices.

     Well, I could say more but “All the News That’s Fit to Print” does not provide enough space for the people.


    A. Garavente 

Hello readers, my blog site is up and running. Shoumende 7/1/14

July 1, 2014