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“Our Invisible Rich,” Paul Krugman (TIMES, 9/30/14)

September 30, 2014

“Today’s political balance rests on a foundation of ignorance, in which the public has no idea what our society is really like.”

What an eloquent conclusion to a very informative op-ed piece that should be required reading. This “foundation of ignorance” makes it difficult to rally Americans to the struggle to save our weakened democratic system.

Though the Republicans are worse that the Democrats, the latter is hardly the progressive bastion that the USA was when FDR was president. It is hard to even call it liberal.

A. Garavente


“Failing the Midterms” by Chris Lehmann (Itt, October 2014)

September 30, 2014

Instead of going to a Disney movie (?!?!), why can’t the Democrats Chris Lehmann speak like and imitate Susan Warren? Why can’t they make a stronger effort to implement the Dodd-Frank bill?

THERE IS NO EFFECTIVE OPPOSITION to the plutocracy that runs this country! That the Republicans are a majority in the House of Representatives is no excuse for the do-nothing Democrats. They can at least show the voters that they are trying.

Most importantly, the United States needs a political party of the workingclass in order to implement a “New Deal” like the one put into effect in the 1930s. The pathetic leaders of the Democratic Party are incapable of such a move. They are afraid to even acknowledge that this country has a workingclass. Except for the two or three percent at the top, everybody is middle class they tell us. Uttering the word “proletariat” would break their teeth.

The long-term strategy for saving American democracy is to organize a progressive party to compete with the despicable Republicans and the pathetic Democrats. The short-term strategy is to continue voting for the latter.

The two-party dictatorship is slowly strangling our “democratic” system as it disfranchises so large a part of the voters. Moreover, fifteen of our fifty states have restored “Jim Crow” and the Civil Rights Act has been repealed.

Only a fighting-mad workingclass can put a stop to this state of affairs by uniting with other progressives. Short of that, we will continue to wallow in the political quagmire the reactionaries have created.

A. Garavente

“Tug of War for Bishop’s Body, or Its Parts, Delays Sainthood” (TIMES, 9/14/14)

September 30, 2014

It is difficult to believe that modernday Catholics in the United States would engage in such nonsense. This flamboyant archbishop might end up having half his body buried in Peoria, Illinois (where he was born) and the other half in the Big Apple (where he spent most of his life).

A. Garavente

Obama Insists U.S. Will Not Get Drawn Into Ground War in Iraq” (TIMES, 9/17/14)

September 24, 2014

The President can deny that the United States will get involved in a ground war in Iraq but that is what he is doing. There are only 1600 American troops now but he doors are open for more.

Current strategy seems to be using drones for most of our military efforts, while positioning more troops at the same time, a recipe for disaster.

And getting any significant help from those 40 states who are part of the US-led coalition is a pipedream.

A. Garavente

“Kerry Presses Arab States to Speak Out and Act Against ISIS” (LA TIMES, 9/11/14)

September 24, 2014

Is it any wonder that the United States is looking at a war without end in the Middle East?

The withdrawal from Afghanistan has been proceeding at a snail’s pace, making the resumption of a hot war ever more credible.

Is there some way Donald “I don’t do quagmires” Rumsfeld can be called to account?

Maybe that martinet can sit down with the former shadow president and tell us what they were really trying to do when they were in charge.

A. Garavente

“Destroying ISIS May Take Years” (TIMES, 9/8/14)

September 9, 2014

So, the United States will still be at war in Iraq beyond Obama’s time in office? In January 2017, when a new president will be sworn in (Hillary Clinton?), the USA will still be stuck in the muck up to its waist.

And Donald Rumsfeld said he “didn’t do quagmires”! At war from 2001 to 2017 constitutes a quagmire with most of the people I know.

Will candidate Clinton’s “muscular foreign policy” save us from this GOP-made disaster or (if the Republicans win in 2016) will the U.S. be at war with Iran and Syria by then?

A. Garavente